Singular Advantage
Marketing Model_

You can drive business growth in any market condition by knowing your Singular Advantage!

Singular Advantage Marketing Model is a consultative process designed to help you build your marketing strategy based on the knowledge you already possess. No guesswork, no fluff, no copying up on someone else’s best practices – just real knowledge of your business and your target market.

This means:

✔️ Communication that is authentic,

✔️ No more fluff in your content,

✔️ Attracting the right customers at a lower cost,

✔️ You’ll see your sales closing ratio climb to 60% or higher

✔️ Putting an end to the price war with competitors,

✔️ No more silence when someone asks you what your company does.


Knowledge and experience transformed into actionable steps

Singular Advantage Marketing Model is a proprietary methodology developed around different business tools and methodologies, such as Design thinking, ideas, such as Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, and theories, such as Job to be done and archetypes in branding. It transforms business knowledge and marketing experience into action steps that you can take. 


A set of tools instead of a document no one reads

Creating a marketing strategy based solely on the perspective and knowledge of an agency is a thing of the past. It takes more than a Don Draper-style magic man to figure out what a company’s Singular Advantage is. The SAMM model equips you with tools and process that you can repeat by yourself whenever you need it.


Guided consultative approach

The process consists of seven steps covering your values and why, what you do, who your customers are, what the context in which you operate, your singular advantage, brand archetype, and content plan. Consultative approach means you will receive lectures and questionnaires to complete, followed by 1-1 Zoom consultations during which we will give you feedback about the work you have done and what you should focus on next. 


Who is it for

  • B2B businesses struggling to explain what they do clearly and convincingly,
  • Young businesses struggling with creating an elevator’s pitch,
  • Companies who aren’t satisfied with the results of their marketing campaigns,
  • If you feel that your communication is not authentic.

We’ve said a lot about ourselves, but so have our satisfied clients. Check it out!